A series of acting workshops, designed as preparation for a feature. In the workshop I explored snapshots of a family, Clare, Jack and their teenage children, Theo and Nina, submerged in a wider, fluid assemblage of objects, people, sounds and spaces, which are themselves important protagonists in the film.

Clare is about to be fired, for something she may or may not have done. Nina is having an affair with an older man, Ozan, who works for her Dad, Jack. Theo dumps his boyfriend, Noel only to find himself heartbroken. Ozan tells Nina something disturbing about Jack. Is it true?

The workshops and film explore the petty manipulations that corrupt much human interaction, driven sometimes by the desire to raise status or to better fit into roles. The family members are the targets of each other’s and our attention but their immersion in the wider assemblage of the world creates a haze. There may be blood but we are not sure who is bleeding and who is responsible. From the distance all we see is pink.